2009: April through October


Contract with the Department of Health & Welfare (Region 3) to provide family therapy to children and families who have been recently re-united and/or in need of family therapy to strengthen the family system. Families will be identified and referred by their case workers.


Contract with the Department of Health & Welfare (Region 3) to provide “Life Skills” groups to adolescents who are in long-term foster care. Skills that will be addressed include communication, self-confidence/empowerment, problem solving, positive body image, boundaries, trust and team building.  


We currently have openings for those seeking individual, couples, or family therapy.


Groups, organizations, or businesses are encouraged to contact us to design a tailored staff development program or corporate training.

Contact us regarding these upcoming groups


§        Targeting issues for adolescent girls: body image, self-esteem, peer pressure

§        Designed to help at-risk youth: problem solving, communication skills, trust, boundaries

§        For women who are facing change: self-care, empowerment, relationship skills


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